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blind Lady Justice is Queen


I have created many defense teams and supervised lawyers, legal officers, case managers, etc.
I am the manager of an International Association and I preside and supervise 250 members from all over the world concerning war crimes, genocides, and human rights.
I have trained several national and international counsels.
I have pleaded and still plead in front of International Courts.
I have accomplished confidential missions concerning crime scenes and Prosecution matters.
I have a high skill in cross-examining witnesses (for victims and accused).
I finalize all the paper works and submissions in both my offices.
I offer strategies for pending legal cases, and write consultations in this regard.

National Experience

Since 1990 until now

General Director and Founding Partner at Khalil's Law Office. Attorney at Law in Civil, Penal, Criminal, Corporate, Banking, Administrative, Financial, Personal Status, Real estate, Rental, Commercial Property, Contractual, Mediation, Arbitration, Trademarks, Counterfeit, Expertise, Franchising, Human Rights, Detention, Children, Corruption, Abuse of safety, Collusion, Deviation of evidence, Environmental, Abnormal neighborhood disturbances, International, Labor, employees, and Consulting Laws. Printed many books, legal works, and articles on different topics. I have also written two legal works, one entitled "Les troubles anormaux de voisinage en droit comparé" published in 2006 by Dar al adala, and one entitled "Les dommages des boîtes de nuit, des établissements classés et des restaurants", published in 2012 by Editions de l'Orient, Paris. I also wrote the draft law: "Code Libanais de Voisinage", which was submitted to the Ministry of Justice in 2010.

2012 until 2016

STATE LAWYER before the Council of State appointed by Presidential Decree no. 9878/2013 and acted in that capacity defending the Ministries and the Government.

Since 1990 until now

Member of many Committees in Bar Association of Beirut and lecturer at the Bar. Wrote numerous articles published in the quarterly legal journal Al Adel, and in particular one relating to the STL, entitled "Le Tribunal spécial pour le Liban, une justice garantie ou une garantie justiciable".

International Experience

  • International contracts / Human rights / Cybercrime / Criminal Law / Global Terrorism / State conflicts / Arbitration in Civil and penal Law / Coordination with Lawyers in Italy, France, Amsterdam, New York, Geneva, Dubai, Arbil.
  • Admitted to the list of Counsels of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in 2012 in Holland. Assigned to and still protects the interests and rights of the accused Mr Hassan Merhi since 2013 before the STL and who was acquitted by Trial Chamber.
  • Counsel of Generals Mostafa Hamdan and Raymond Azar for their unlawful detentions for a period of four years by UN and IIIC.
  • Counsel for Lebanese Deportees Vs. Kuwait.
  • Delisted three terrorists from the list of Al Quaeda before UN.
  • President of the International Association to Confront Coronavirus and Global Violations Officials (IACCO)​
  • Legal Advisor of the Dutch International Organisation of Human Rights and World Peace,​
  • Former President of the Defense Committee in the Bar Association in front of the International Criminal Court, The Hague (2019) - Member of its Newsletter Committee since (2018) - Member of its Executive Counsil since (2020).
  • Admitted since 2015 on the list Counsels of the Tribunals: ICC / ADC-ICT / Former Yugoslavia / / Kosovo Specialist Chambers / Central Africa​

I​nternational Training and Seminars Certificates

Date Description Location
2014 ICC Training for counsels. Dakkar, Senegal
2014 Training counsels in ADC-ICT. The Hague
2015 International Bar Association.. Peace Palace, The Hague
2015 Meeting international Defense Counsels / Humanitarian Dialogue Led by Lebanese Government. Geneva
March 2017 Examination in Chief and cross-examination. ICTY
April 2017 Investigations in Trials. Mariott Hotel
2018 Military witnesses. ICTY
14-15 Oct 2008 Certificate for training "Legal Aid - A Pillar of Justice". USAID/ Beirut Bar Association
26-27-28 Jun 2012 Certificat de Participation à la formation des conseils. TSL / Leidschendam
2019 Nuremberg Trial Room 600. Germany
2019 STL : Meeting Defense Counsels. Leidschendam
12-13 July 2012 Certificate of Training session on "The Universal Periodic Review". Beirut Bar Association
March-April 2013 Certificate of intensive course on Human Rights (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung). Beirut Bar Association
26 Sept 2014 Expert Training : Professional Ethics and Disciplinary Proceedings at International Criminal Tribunals. I.C.C. - The Hague
27 Oct 2014 Certificat premier Seminaire sous-regional des conseils de la CPI et de la profession juridique. Dakkar, Senagal
28-29-30-31 Oct 2014 Certificat de formation des conseils de la CPI. Dakkar, Senegal
8 Nov 2014 Training Certificate in the ADC-ICTY on "Ethics". The Hague
31 June- 1 Feb 2015 Certificate from International Bar Association for "Continuing Professional Development". Peace Palace, The Hague
18 Sept 2015 Certificate of Expert Training : Evidence Matters. I.C.C. - The Hague
22-23 Oct 2015 Certificat de participation aux troisièmes Rencontres Internationales des Bureaux de la Défense. Université de Genève, Suisse
24-25 Oct 2015 International Conference for "Information and Culture of Humanitarian Dialogue". Geneva, Switzerland
27-28-29 Juin 2016 Certificat "Séances de Formation Spécialiséedes Conseils". La Haye
18 March 2017 Certificate of Practising Advocacy (examination in chief and cross ex.) with DrDavid Garlick. ICTY - The Hague
29 April 2017 Defence Training Program on investigations and other relevant matters to defence lawyer practicing at ICC. Mariott Hotel, The Hague
2018 Seminar held for the military witnesses (Stephan Bourgon) ICTY
22 - 26 March 2021 Training for Counsels on the List before ICC. Online


St. Joseph University - Huvelin, Beirut
License in Lebanese Law
Master's degree in French Law

Carmel St. Joseph - Verdun, Beirut
Sciences Experimentales Baccalaureate

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